Our Objectives


  • To encourage beekeepers in the act of beekeeping
  • To create more awareness amongst the general populace on how bee keeping can transform the livelihoods of youths, women and the jobless
  • Unlock the role of bee keeping to house holdu2019s critical role to house hold income
  • Unlock the possibilities of transforming youth, women, and jobless from subsistence to commercial agriculture
  • Create a youth and women networking, market products and services platform in apicultural sector


  • To increase local production honey through improved Bee keeping method using modern tools and equipment
  • To encourage specialization in the subsectors for the production of hives, swam catchers, processing tools fabrication etc
  • To encourage more research work on bees and status of honey production and bee hive products
  • To provide guidelines for national and state policy with legislative framework for the sector
  • For impact assessment of environmental threats and stressors on bees


  • Youths, women and jobless joining commercial bee keeping: Finding solution to challenges face in bee keeping, answers to complains on honey, increase understanding of apiculture in relation to economic development and environmental health, medicinal values of hive products, excursion to successful entrepreneurs in apicultural sector, conference presentation and general apiculture information
  • Bee keepers/honey producers: Open access to on bee forage suitable for specific areas, market information for honey, other hive products and equipment, new innovations in bee keeping, business contacts with buyers, answers to apiary management challenges, best practices to increase hive productivity and honey production, value addition techniques experience sharing, exposure, conference presentation, networking and excursion to those who have excelled in the sector
  • Processors and packers/equipment fabricators linkages and feedbacks