About Us

A & Shine foundation is a Woman owned Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered NGO with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration No. CAC/IT/NO 46374as require under the Nigeria act.

The NGO is also registered with the Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML) with No. SC 151401248 in accordance with the provisions of section 5(1)(a) and (4) of Money Laundering (Prohibition) act, 2011 of Nigeria to rendervoluntary services in Apiculture and other related industry.

A & Shine Foundation

NGO Organisation
A & Shine Foundation

Our Objectives

To develop Beekeeping Value chain to achieve optimum output levels

To contribute to achieving the highest levels of quality and quantity of honey and Bee hive products

To Sustain networks as to gain the most efficient system of cohesion through:

Venture Capitalists/Investors in Apiculture Science/Beekeeping Bio-Tech Enterprise

A & Shine foundation is presently preparing for a free training programme organized by National Directorate for Employment (NDE) of Nigeria at the instance of those displaced in the North Eastern part of Nigeria (Maiduguri). This training is on packaging of agricultural products aimed at putting in place a structure for Bee keepers.

Extension service officers selected from identified clusters of out growers centres will be trained by the foundation in recent development in bee keeping techniques.

The out-growers identified are in FCT, North central, North west, North East, South East and South West. They will be trained to improve pollination activities as well as Honey and Bee Hive production in the country. These centres cut across local traditional bee keepers in Katari, Kuje, Ibadan to academic research institutions as LAUTECH, National Biotech Centre, Federal university of technologies, and Federal Polytechnics in the country.

Helping People Through Apiculture

A & Shine has achieved a tremendous result through Apiculture

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